What should I bring?

For classes…

  • Your dog…
    • Unless it is in season, ill or infectious.
    • Wearing a collar with identification (The law states that any dog walked in a public place must wear a collar with identification displayed on, or attached to, it. The law states that the information required on an ID disc is the name and address of the owner. Other information (i.e. telephone number) is optional.
    • On a lead.
  • Vaccination record. Puppies need to have had their 2nd set of vaccinations to attend classes. Once you have shown your vaccination card to a member of staff it will not be necessary to bring it to subsequent lessons.
  • Completed enrolment and terms and conditions forms with class payment.
  • Some form of poop scoop or poo bags.
  • A safe toy. Preferably something you can hold onto while your dog has the other end.
  • Treats
  • Grooming equipment e.g. brush or mitt or a towel.

For GCDS tests…

  • For your dog’s Bronze test, please bring grooming equipment and a poop scoop or poo bags.
  • For your dog’s Silver test,please bring a toy.
  • For your dog’s Gold test, please bring an item for the send to bed exercise. This can be the dog’s bed, blanket, mat, or an article of clothing etc.


  • Some form of poop scoop or poo bags.

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