Can my dog do agility?

The most common question is “can my dog do agility?”

The usual answer is yes, but there are some exceptions:

Young Dogs:
To compete in agility your dog needs to be at least a year old, although you can start to train your puppy earlier, but remember that your puppy’s joints and bones are still forming so any jumping should be restricted to only a few inches no matter what they get up to at home or on walks. Puppies will also be more awkward and have a short attention span.

Old Dogs:
Similarly, with older dogs, their joints are weaker, and they will tire more easily so that jumping should also be restricted. Dogs can be so anxious to please that they may push themselves beyond there capabilities and suffer.

Basic Commands:
Your dog should be able to do basic commands such as staysit, and come.

Agility is the great fun with your dog! It’s a  combination of accuracy, speed and teamwork. If you have a bond with your dog, then you have everything you need to take part in Agility for Fun !

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